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Научный журнал Моделирование, оптимизация и информационные технологииThe scientific journal Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology
Online media
issn 2310-6018


Submit a Manuscript
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Rules for Authors
Ethics of Scientific Publications
Borrowings and Plagiarism
Peer Review
Publication Fee

A manuscript is sent to the editorial board of the journal only after registration of a personal account

Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the Rules for Authors. In case of non-compliance with these requirements, the manuscript is not accepted for consideration and the Corresponding Author will receive a notification. The editors of the journal adhere to the ethics of scientific publications in accordance with the principles and requirements of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the Association of Science Editors and Publishers (ANRI). Manuscripts undergo a mandatory check for borrowings through the “Anti-plagiarism" system http://antiplagiat-vuz.ru/. The recommended level of originality of the material presented is at least 80%. All manuscripts undergo a mandatory peer review process

In the case of a manuscript approval by the editorial board of the journal, the author pays the publication fee, after which the article is prepared for publication by editing and bringing the text to the required editorial standards adopted within the journal. Editorial changes are coordinated with the authors. Each article is assigned a unique DOI index, after which the article is included in the current issue of the journal and considered as published. More detailed information about the procedure of a manuscript submission process is contained in the instructions for the use of the author’s personal account.

Ideally, the duration from the time of submission to publishing the article ranges from 45 – 60 days.