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Научный журнал Моделирование, оптимизация и информационные технологииThe scientific journal Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology
Online media
issn 2310-6018

Investigation of the influence of aggressive behavior of minors on their deviant activities based on the Buss-Durkee method by constructing a fuzzy logic production system

Gish A.Z.   idKovalenko A.V.

UDC 004.942+510.644.4
DOI: 10.26102/2310-6018/2023.40.1.009

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The problem of deviant behavior prevention in minors is particularly relevant at present since this age group belongs to the most socially vulnerable category. In order to identify the deviation in adolescents, it is necessary to analyze and identify manifestations of their aggressive behavior. This study is based on the identification of predisposition to the development of aggressive behavior based on the Buss-Durkee method. 10 factors identified by the authors of this technique have been considered. A five-level classifier for input and output factors of a fuzzy logic production system is proposed. The membership functions are selected by applying the method of expert assessments reflecting the competent opinion of a specialist regarding the affiliation of the elements with the term set. Fuzzy logic rules have been defined, in the capacity of which the data on the test results obtained by minors aged 14-15 years have been entered and supplemented with a view to ensuring the completeness of the system. To reduce the number of fuzzy logic rules and enable consistency in it, a hierarchical structure of input factors has been formed. As a result, an intelligent system, namely a fuzzy logic production model of deviant behavior of minors "Deviance level BD", has been created, which can be used to prevent deviant behavior in minors, as well as to analyze and identify manifestations of their aggressive behavior to prevent them from committing criminal acts.

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Gish Asya Zaidinovna

Email: asuta04@mail.ru

Kuban State University

Krasnodar, Russian Federation

Kovalenko Anna Vladimirovna
Doctor of Technical Sciences Associate Professor
Email: savanna-05@mail.ru


Kuban State University

Krasnodar, Russian Federation

Keywords: fuzzy logic production system, fuzzy logic model, deviant behavior, buss-Durkee method, five-level classifier, term-set, membership function, fuzzy logic rules

For citation: Gish A.Z. Kovalenko A.V. Investigation of the influence of aggressive behavior of minors on their deviant activities based on the Buss-Durkee method by constructing a fuzzy logic production system. Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology. 2023;11(1). Available from: https://moitvivt.ru/ru/journal/pdf?id=1284 DOI: 10.26102/2310-6018/2023.40.1.009 (In Russ).


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Received 04.12.2022

Revised 23.01.2023

Accepted 13.02.2023

Published 13.02.2023