Высокоуровневая структура модулей для построения специальных систем автоматизированного проектирования
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Научный журнал Моделирование, оптимизация и информационные технологииThe scientific journal Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology
Online media
issn 2310-6018

The high-level structure of modules for building special computer-aided design systems

Trotsenko A.S.   Uspehov A.A.   Chizhov M.I.  

UDC УДК 004.942
DOI: 10.26102/2310-6018/2023.42.3.018

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In modern production, there is a need to design specialized products predetermined by a certain set of changing parameters. Re-designing of a product associated with adjusting some of these parameters becomes one of the tasks for an engineer to complete. Using of heavy computer-aided design systems in such cases can lead to a significant increase in labor costs. Creating a history of building a solid model of a product balanced according to a given set of its parameters has a significant impact on the overall complexity of the design process. Increasing the efficiency of this process allows the use of special computer-aided design systems aimed at creating a parameterized model of a particular product. This paper presents the structure of high-level modules that ensures the rapid development of special computer-aided design systems. One of the methods that provide rapid development is the reduction of a large amount of knowledge of the classes and methods of the geometric core being used. The presence of separate functional blocks helps to build various solid-state modeling systems: from simple linear systems to systems with advanced modeling, analysis and data import/export capabilities. To reduce the dependency of the developed systems on a specific geometric core, the high-level structure that is being proposed provides the hiding of the geometric core being used by means of the private implementation design pattern.

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Trotsenko Aleksandr Sergeevich
Candidate of Technical Sciences

eLibrary |

Voronezh State Technical University

Voronezh, the Russian Federation

Uspehov Andrei Aleksandrovich

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Inobitec LLC

Voronezh, the Russian Federation

Chizhov Mikhail Ivanovich
Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor

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Voronezh State Technical University

Voronezh, the Russian Federation

Keywords: architecture, solid modeling, computer-aided design systems, design patterns, pointer to implementation

For citation: Trotsenko A.S. Uspehov A.A. Chizhov M.I. The high-level structure of modules for building special computer-aided design systems. Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology. 2023;11(3). Available from: https://moitvivt.ru/ru/journal/pdf?id=1430 DOI: 10.26102/2310-6018/2023.42.3.018 (In Russ).


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Received 25.07.2023

Revised 01.09.2023

Accepted 13.09.2023

Published 14.09.2023