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Научный журнал Моделирование, оптимизация и информационные технологииThe scientific journal Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology
Online media
issn 2310-6018


Bokova O.I.   Zhayvoronok D.A.   Slastnikova O.S.  

UDC 621.391

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The article deals with topical issues of today use analog-to-digital receiving and processing devices (ATSPO) radio signals to control congestion of the frequency spectrum, the detection and analysis of new emissions, determining the location of their sources, as well as identifying unintended or specially organized channels of information leakage. To improve the effectiveness of the proposed ATSPO provide frequency agility operating range station, without derating transceiver operation. In particular, the provision of specific dynamic and spectral characteristics, receives by constructing a tandem digital frequency synthesizer (TSSCH). In computer design stations developed the concept of the two ring TSSCH with automatic compensation of frequency distortion on modern element base. In addition, the analysis of amplitude-frequency modulation characteristics of the proposed scheme, as well as the analysis of the reaction of the proposed scheme in the parasitic increment the reference oscillation phase. We obtain the modulation transfer function of the proposed scheme and the defined conditions of sustainability of the angle modulation. Thus, the use of two digital frequency synthesizer annular in design decision error-correcting transceiver provides frequency agility over the operating range of wavelengths with angle modulation, without impairing its essential characteristics.

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Bokova Oksana Igorevna
Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor

Voronezh Institute of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Voronezh, Russian Federation

Zhayvoronok Denis Alexandrovich
Candidate of Technical Sciences Associate Professor

Voronezh Institute of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Voronezh, Russian Federation

Slastnikova Olga Sergeevna

TsITSiZI AMIA Russia's Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra

Khanty-Mansiysk, Russian Federation

Keywords: frequency synthesizer, pulse-phase-locked-often you, frequency grid, speed

For citation: Bokova O.I. Zhayvoronok D.A. Slastnikova O.S. IMPROVED PERFORMANCE DEVICES ANALOG-RECEPTION AND PROCESSING OF SIGNALS BROADBAND COMPLEXES DIRECTION FINDING. Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology. 2016;4(2). Available from: https://moit.vivt.ru/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/BokovaZhayvoronokSlastnikova_2_16_1.pdf DOI: (In Russ).


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