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Научный журнал Моделирование, оптимизация и информационные технологииThe scientific journal Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology
Online media
issn 2310-6018


Preobrazhensky A.P.   Kodentsev E.I.  

UDC 381.324

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This paper considers some questions related to the optimization process in the mobile communication systems. The optimization will allow raising efficiency of such systems.

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Preobrazhensky Andrei Petrovich
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Associate Professor
Email: app@vivt.ru

Voronezh Institute of High Technologies

Voronezh, Russian Federation

Kodentsev Evgeny Ivanovich

Voronezh Institute of High Technologies

Voronezh, Russian Federation

Keywords: system, communications, optimization, mathematical models

For citation: Preobrazhensky A.P. Kodentsev E.I. ABOUT THE PROCESSES OF OPTIMIZATION IN MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS. Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology. 2013;1(3). Available from: https://moit.vivt.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Preobrazhenskiy_Kodenzev_3_13_1.pdf DOI: (In Russ).


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